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YESIWOOD is the label of Marion Eykenaar, a young designer from Almelo (The Netherlands). She works as a graphic designer at a small studio and creates cards, prints and paper pendants. Marion is crazy about wood, she likes the simple, natural and rustic look of wood. The name of her label YESIWOOD is a ode to her love for wood ‘Yes I Wood’. All the products Marion creates have a link to wood, consist of geometric forms and pastels. Marion gets her inspiration from ‘magazines, design books and Pinterest. But also from inspiring lyrics’. Besides graphic design Marion is also in love with good food and sports. On a Sunday she likes to relax, go outside for a long walk and create a delicious healthy meal. Marions favourite city is Arnhem (The Netherlands): ‘I really like that you see the influence of the art academies, it’s an inspring city’.

You can find a selection of the products of Marion at Hello Frankie Store.