The great guys from WeSwap challenged me to participate in the #WeSwap50BloggerChallenge. The challenge involved having the best day out I could in my home city on a smallish budget. Here’s how it went…

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A challenge to spend £ 50 (about 60 euros) with the WeSwap prepaid travel card in Amsterdam, at local hotspots. Well not that difficult, there are so many nice places to go! I felt like a tourist in my own city, such a nice experience. I started the day with coffee, more coffee and the best (home made!) apple pie at one of my favourite places in Amsterdam, White Label. I spend about € 20,- on coffee, pie and a fresh soda. Perfect start of the day! In Amsterdam we have many galleries, I love spending time at a gallery. The concept of OODE is simple, yet clever; put together art pieces selected from depots and combine these with brand new design and you will get a match made in heaven. And a benefit of visiting a gallery is that you save money for other stuff. I enjoyed lunch at ‘De School’ a new concept in a old schoolbuilding. It’s a restaurant, club and there are studios by creatives companies. A very good lunch menu, including home made sodas and lovely service! I’m totally fan of the interior and branding of ‘De School’ it still feels like a school, but for grown ups. I had a sandwich with avocado and other veggies, a ginger beer and coffee with desert (€ 20,-)  A great place to spend some money is ‘De Balkonie’, a store where you can find everything you need for you balcony. In Amsterdam most of us have a balcony, a garden is a luxury. You can find plants, pots, chairs but also local beers. Get a few beers and drink them at the store of take them outside to one of the green parks in the city. I bought some beers to take home, alway nice to serve local beers to guestes and of course a plant (€ 20,-). £ 50 is more than enough to enjoy the city of Amsterdam, there are so many great local places to visit, combine food hotspots with galleries and independent shops and you get a great feeling of the relaxed and cozy vibe of the city. For more information about the very handy WeSwap travel card, see here.

1. White Label
2. White Label
4. De School
5. De Balkonie
6. De Balkonie

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