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Julie Hrudova is a photographer based in Amsterdam. Julie is keeping a photo diary of the city, mainly of the Eastern part of Amsterdam, a visual diary. The first series was in black and white and Julie exhibited in the Central Library of Amsterdam. Since 3 years she is shooting in colour. “Often I like to obscure a very normal situation, turn it into something strange or funny in the photo. It’s almost a secret moment between the camera and the actual situation. But sometimes I capture a certain atmosphere. This can be someones expression, movement, or just the light and other visual elements.” The series is a personalised vision of the things that are happening in the streets of Amsterdam and probably people will not learn much about Amsterdam when they see the serie. “Somebody said my photos look as if the city consist out of lonely people and probably there is a truth in that. It’s also about the anonymity and indeed loneliness of being in an urban surrounding.” For more information about Julie and here visual diary of Amsterdam see here.