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StoryTiles are miniature stories-on-tiles, inspired by the famous 16th century traditional Dutch Whites, and designed with love and humour by Marga van Oers. They are traditionally baked, in Holland. Every StoryTile tells its own story. They can be used decoratively as a “mini painting” (a system to hang them is provided) or integrated in a bathroom and kitchen. The StoryTiles collection comprises of two series: old Dutch tiles and modern tiles. Storytiles’ story was born by the friendship between two girls – Marge, the designer and Judith, the “numbers girl” (or managing director). Today they sell their tiles around the world and recently launched a new product line – StoryWood, stories produced on sustainable wood. The mayor of Paris owns one StoryTile: the one inspired by Paris, what else? For more StoryTiles inspiration see here.

– Denitsa –