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These beautiful cups and bowls are part of the Second Skin collection, a series of exclusive interior design products, which came into being through an experiment in 2014. The experiment was focussed on the creation of new pieces based upon old decorative products such as vases and bowls. During this trail, fragile materials (mostly plaster) were used to reform shapes. Some objects kept their basic features while others served as a skeleton for something new. Upcycling these antiquated interior objects turned out to be a big hit and has led to the establishment of the Second Skin Collection, in which each and every product is handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Second Skin Collection products are designed with a plaster-cotton paste. After a shape has been determined, all products are carefully treated with a protective coating on the inside and outside, to prevent moist and dust damage. Colour is added during this coating phase.

You can find a selection of the Second Skin collection at Hello Frankie Store.