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Meet Ania, the owner of a small creative studio named RAW that focusses on peaceful, clean design based in Warsaw (Poland). Ania graduated from the Humanities, they thought her to be aware of the world around her “this experience helps me to understand people that might want to wear my clothes. I learned about construction, fabrics and production later.” Ania always appreciated quality, thoughtful design that serves a purpose. “I’ve been cooperating with artist in different fields. One day I decided I wanted to make something own my own, that’s how RAW was born.” The collections of RAW are made of high quality fabrics (mostly wool and cotton), produced by Polish manufacturers. Ana focusses on simple, minimalist, quality clothes that are perfect for everyday wear: “It always feels good when someone comes back to me and says that my clothes make them feel good on daily basis. I design my collections with the idea that they should be somewhat outside the seasons.” RAW comes from the fascination of everything timeless. “I believe in simplicity because it focuses on the essence of what is important. It’s also an answer to the overload of experiences.” At Sundays Ania mostly goed outside, for a walk or visit new places in Warsaw. “ I’m trying to do something special everyday as it helps to step outside of the routine and brings some harmony into life.” You can shop the amazing RAW clothes here.