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Our Portugal road trip started in Porto. What a lovely city! We enjoyed every minute of it. The beautiful views, architecture, amazing food and don’t forget the port wine 🙂 We stayed in, I think the most beautiful guest house of Porto, MISS’OPO. Located in the historic area of the city. You can find two three-room studio flats and four two-room studio flats. And the best part is probably the restaurant located on the ground floor. MISS’OPO is a cultural tourism project, strongly directed to the dynamics of certain more traditional values, and mostly to promotion of all the most contemporary movement of the city of Porto, and making it known to the public. The interior is a mix of contemporary and vintage design. The rooms feel light, clean and cozy at the same time. I highly recommend to have dinner in the restaurant. The vibe is a perfect reflection of the young urban scene in Porto.

– Frankie –