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When you have plans to visit Berlin Miniloft is the place to stay. Miniloft is a design hotel that makes you feel at home. It all starts with the amazing architecture, the architects Britta Jürgens and Matthew Griffin designed the lofts and they wanted to create a space to make your experience in Berlin as memorable and personal as possible. The building has won several prizes and been published in magazines and books around the world. The design of the building was to reduce environmental impact. It is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. They even have a grass roof to reduce water run-off, extend roof life and help clean the air. We stayed in the ‘extroverted’ loft and it was perfect, the loft is spacious and feels like a home. The interior is a combination of clean and comfort, everything you wish for is there. After the warm welcome by Estefania we just relaxt and looked at the Miniloft city guide, a guide of Berlin made by Miniloft with many tips. This guide is perfect to start your Berlin adventures. Above you can find photos of the many lovely details of the loft, for more information about Miniloft take a look here.

– Frankie –

Photos: Miniloft & Hello Frankie