''Nobody'' 420x600 mm, pencils, acrylic, awl, 2016_high res

''Go Away! It's My Geyser'' 600Â420mm, pencils, acrylic, awl, 2016


No Man’s Art Gallery celebrates the second solo exhibition of Moscow-based artist Maxim Santalov titles ‘Fantastic Equisetum’. Santalov combines the Constructivist aesthetic of abstract forms, mathematical compositions and floating structures with depictions that are related tot the content of Russian Social Realism. “The strict geometry of my work is a praise of self-limitation, which is a road towards progress. I named my technique Ävangraphics, which rejects inconsistency. At first glance it may seem as if my drawings are devoid of space/air but look more closely. The work is marked with scratches and ripples which impose shape and texture. Space binds together the elements of composition.” (Santalov)

8 April – 22 May
No Man’s Art Gallery
Nieuwe Herengracht 119, Amsterdam