thumb_thumb_DSC_0233_1024_1024 If you know Maartje van den Noort’s work you probably think of her beautiful cards and prints or other fascinating products. But as from last week, she’s showing a new series of paintings at the Jan Six Fine Art Gallery in Amsterdam. She says that it’s been quite some time since she used canvas as a medium. When in college Maartje used to paint a lot but now she is very excited to practice this technique once again. The gallery is the perfect location for her paintings. Maartje’s artwork blends into this beautiful place so well, I almost forget I’m at an exhibition. It sure gives a very domestic feel without just being a decorative piece. This duality is what makes her paintings so interesting. The soft colours and shapes work very calming. As does the subject: a hint of nature in its purest form. At the display she combines this artwork with ceramics and graphics, an appealing combination but always made with the same kind of care. When asked what her plans are for the future she says she would love to do some more collaborations.  Maartje herself is a very inspiring person to me and has a certain drive that shows in her art. She wants to explore the field of painting a bit more but will still make stunning products, that are available at her webshop. At Hello Frankie Store we have a few (amazing!) pieces of Maartje available.

– Ester –