happn x spotify_Hello Frankie_post

happn x spotify_2_Hello Frankie_post

Say is with a song, what happens when you combine a dating app and music platform? Happn, the hyper-localised dating app that connects people the moment their paths cross, announced that it has integrated leading music streaming service Spotify’s API into its platform to enrich the user experience of its four million global users. It allows users to send tracks to connect and flirt with their crushes through the app’s messaging function, and also to add songs to their profiles. With music you can sow who you are, users can get to know each other on a total other level, beyond just words and photos. Hello Frankie is thinking already about the best love songs, our personal favourite ‘Lovers rock’ by Sade.

“You are the lovers rock
The rock that I cling to
You’re the one
The one I swim to in a storm
Like a lovers rock”

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