When visiting Ghent you absolutely have to make a stop at HuisZwaluw (Home). I bumped into this lovely interior shop while wandering through the streets. Mind you, a ‘shop’ isn’t the best fitting name for this unique place. If anything, it feels more like a home. The store is decorated as the perfect home – that one you’ve always dreamed of. Every room has its own singularity and function. All pieces are for sale, even the plants in the pots. Thus also you can create your own perfect home. You can feel how a lot of effort and passion was put in selecting the products, as they all seem to fit together so well. Walking through this design house, it was a lovely surprise to discover a hand painted drawing of Maartje van den Noort on the wall of the staircase, since a did a little interview with her for Hello Frankie a few months back. It is clear that the owner has a good sense of taste. You can find HuisZwaluw (Home) on Onderbergen 51 in Ghent. And if you are curious for more you can also visit HuisZwaluw on Hoogpoort 3, for smaller design. Both these shops come highly recommended.

– Esther –