Meet Denitsa Hristova our newest contributor. Denitsa is from Bulgarian but she lives in France since 2001. In 2007 she graduated from the School of Architecture, Strasbourg. At the moment Denitsa works as a freelance architect, mostly in interior architecture and accessibility issues in public buildings. Also she works on many creative projects as a space and product designer. One of those very exciting projects is her own design brand for interior decoration items, but the details are still a secret. Next to this Denitsa also works on the post-graduation mémoire, which she needs to present in the School of Architecture in order to obtain her ‘Capacitation for project management in its own name’ certificate. In France you need to get this post-graduation certificate to use the title ‘architect’. Her mémoire is about built spaces and subjective well-being. You can follow Denitsa’s work at Hello Frankie.

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