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When you’re expecting a baby you have a lot to think about, also about a stroller. But where to start? There was no doubt in my mind that our first stroller would become a Greentom. Greentom products are 100% green, all frames are sustainable and the fabrics are entirely made out of recycled drinking bottles. The strollers are designed by Dutch designer Bart Bost, he was driven by his wish to give birth to the first truly honest stroller. It needed too be particularly practical and sustainable. And, also very important, it looks great! The design is indeed practical, no unnecessary parts, and you can pick your favourite colour chassis and fabric. We picked the black chassis in combination with dark blue fabric. I like the fact that this version is clean, minimal and makes it a design object. What a perfect start to discover the world: a beautiful stroller that supports the mission to make the future a little greener!

– Frankie-

Photos: Hello Frankie