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It’s that type of garment lots of people revile because it’s quite a task to keep them in pairs. We are talking about socks; an underestimated fashion item, a typical daily garment and the starting point of an interesting collection of ‘fragments’ made by designer Maud Hoeijmakers (22), who recently graduated from the Textile department of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Art & Design (NL).

She came up with an aesthetic collection of single socks, inspired by the fragmented world we live in. “I am experiencing the world around me fragmented, as a coherent whole of unrelated parts. The collection is an ode to the ‘lonely sock’, or even an ode to the lonely and fragmented in general. In my opinion, a lonely sock is the ultimate metaphor for fragmentation”.

Besides the fact that she owns a degree in Textile Design Maud is also focused on other disciplines within the design profession; ‘FRAGMENTS’_ was styled in a well-thought and aesthetic way and shows off her quality as a great stylist as well. As socks are mostly been wearing on a human body, she prefers to style ‘FRAGMENTS’_ in a different kind of context. “A sock is actually a very ‘simple’ product and by wearing it on a human body it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. What I try to do is to give the sock the valuable attention it deserves by showing it in a spacious environment. A lonely sock is often wandering in space!”

Textile is not the only material Maud loves to work with. “I don’t think you just need to focus on one discipline, it goes beyond just textiles. Paper is lovely. It’s simply beautiful, fragile and delicate. In some way I can never throw away scraps of paper and I keep a huge bin full of random pieces of blank paper under my bed”.

During her studies she did an internship at Mae Engelgeer, a Dutch textile designer based in Amsterdam. It gave her loads of positive energy and the openness in the studio influenced her own work. Maud is still figuring out about her plans for the future. “At this moment I have honestly no idea what the future will bring. I don’t like to plan things, it get’s boring. But of course I’m always open to new experiences! To be honest, it would be great to have my own studio someday”.

And how she is wearing her own socks? “I’m really into crazy and quirky socks which I own a lot but I don’t feel like mixing pairs. During my graduation I got a lot of comments about that. I just don’t feel like putting two random socks together, I prefer to have an actual reason to wear them together!”

– Jessie –

Photos: Laura Knipsael