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The first date is special and scary at the same time! What do you wear and very important where do you go? Hello Frankie loves to go on a date so we would like to share some tips with you!

1. Casual date
We’re are big fans of coffee dates, just a casual date during day time. The perfect date to just chit chat without any high expectations. And it’s always fun to see what kind of coffee someone orders, it’s says a lot about the person. A few favourite places for a casual coffee date: Berry, White Label Coffee, Coffee Company Oosterdok and Headfirst Coffee Roasters.

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2. Romantic date
For a traditional, romantic date it’s always nice to search for a lovely restaurant. A cozy place where you know the food is good and the wine is tasty, because if the date is not what you expected you at least had a nice meal! In Amsterdam we highly recommend Café Cook, Radijs, Rijssel and if you really want to do something special: Toscanini.

3. Design date
Since we’re big fans of design we like to go on design-dates, a date that includes a design activity. Visit a new exhibition or your favourite museum. It shows that you like design and you have enough to talk about. Try to find out what kind of design your date likes and surprise him/her with this. For example ArtDeli, a place where they combine design with great food and drinks. Of course The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is a perfect place to wonder around and get to know each other. Also FOAM is a great place, visit the temporary exhibition and go for a walk afterwards in the centre of Amsterdam.

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Photos: Hello Frankie, ArtDeli, Jolien van Onna
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