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Spring is here so bring on the festivals! I always try to go to at least one festival but when it involves sleeping on a festival camping, I’m not that enthusiastic. I would like to share with you some ‘survival’ festival tips to stay stylish, products that are very handy and look good.

1. KarTent
This is an amazing revolution on the festival camping! A recyclable, 100% cardboard tent.
At their website you can see which festivals they go to, you can order your KarTent online. You stay dry, it’s easy, looks good and recyclable!

2. Couto Vaselina
This is my favourite beauty product, Couto Vaselina. You can use the vaseline for everything, to keep skin, lips, eyes smooth but it’s also make-up remover.

3. Raincoat
A festival with only sunshine is the best but here in Holland you will a few rainy moments. A raincoat is the best solution. I prefer the new Stutterheim collection.

4. Sunglasses
After the rain the Sun will shine so a good sunglasses will be handy. My favourite, the Dick Moby sunglasses.

5. Tote bag
A stylish tote bag for you sweater, snacks, sunglasses and vaseline. When you don’t need it you can fold it and just put it away and when needed you unfolded it. The Susan Bijl shopping bags are 100% ripstop nylon, a textile that is used for manufacturing kites. It is also water repellent!

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