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Esther Dorhout Mees showed her ninth collection during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The show ‘STAGES’ is inspired by theaters in decay. Esther became fascinated by decayed theaters, places where red velvet curtains gave access to a wide variety of performances night after night, in beautiful costumes and impressive decors, that now became spaces of silence and oblivion. Theaters where a distant echo applause echoed against the weathered walls of the scene. Inspired by urban photographers who travelled around the world to photograph the theaters in decay Esther started creating the story for this collection ‘It always starts with a feeling and at some point it becomes a theme, the inspiration for the collection. I start searching for materials, create and develop.’ The show was an amazing experience, an orchestra, fascinating movie and a magical collection. A collection that represents the feeling of a theater: costumes, corsets, and shapes of the theater itself.