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COLD BY is the label of Juliane Borths, a 23 year old girl from Germany. Juliane lives and works in Antwerp and in 2012 she decided to turn her passion into her job. The first collection was a small collection of shirts and sweaters inspired by the movie Donny Darko in collaboration with local creative people. Today Juliane runs the brand alone and she concentrates on jewellery and backpacks, which doesn’t mean that all plans for a proper clothing line are off the table. In the summer of 2013 Juliane started to sew together samples out of old jeans donated by friends and created the first denim backpack. ‘The denim backpack can be seen as a fusion between a casual gym bag and a functional roll top backpack.’ Julia explains. Julias’ goal is to keep working on new backpacks and jewellery, ‘I want to improve my design constantly, and to keep finding ways to turn material that is going to be thrown away into something useful (upcycling).’