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Lisa from that’s food darling (a really nice blog!) shared a very handy Chemex brew-it-yourself guide. She used the delicious Stooker Roasting’s Costa Rica coffee and served the coffee in two beautiful cups by De Intuïtiefabriek. The guide is really handy and we love the photos that Lisa made from the beautiful products. You can find Stooker Roasting Co. coffee and the espresso cups from De Intuïtiefabriek at Hello Frankie Store. Cheers!

Chemex brew-it-yourself guide

Here’s a little Chemex brew-it-yourself guide for you. All measurements are referring to the small Chemex brewer (1-3 cups).

Chemex brewer
Chemex filter
Freshly roasted coffee beans
Coffee mug

19g freshly roasted coffee beans
300ml water + more for rinsing your paper filter

1. Weigh and grind 19g coffee, medium-coarse grind setting.
2. Boil water.
3. Fold and place the filter into the Chemex with the three layer side facing the spout. Rinse with hot water to remove any paper flavor and preheat the Chemex. Pour away the water.
4. Add your ground coffee. Wet the grounds with a small amount of your pre-measured hot water (75ml), pouring it in a circular motion to wet all the grounds. The coffee will begin to “bloom”. Wait 30 seconds.
5. Add the rest of your water in a steady circular motion starting from the center and working your way out.
6. Once the coffee finishes dripping through (3-4 minutes), remove the filter, serve and enjoy your cup of coffee!