This summer I went to Portugal. What a beautiful and pure country. I totally fell in love with Lisbon and enjoyed the old city of Évora but the best place of this vacation was B&B Cabeça da Cabra in Porto Covo. Cabeça da Cabra is a small B&B in the middle of nowhere. It used to be an old primary school. The owners, Maria & Duarte totally renovated the place in to a little paradise. There are 4 apartments, all bright, spacious and very clean. There is a large kitchen where they serve breakfast but if you want to you can cook dinner there as well. This kitchen is the heart of the B&B and it was so nice to sit there and enjoy the most delicious breakfast ever. Maria & Duarte spoiled us with their amazing breakfast with home made tomato jam and especially with the most tasty pancakes ever with coconut flavor. The environment is quite, beautiful and very great for a run. The rough ocean with pretty beaches is near by Cabeça da Cabra. Maria & Duarte are the best hosts, Maria made us hand drown maps and Duarte wrote a huge to do list with the best places in Lisbon. I hope to visit Cabeça da Cabra again, in the mean time I’m going to try to make the pancakes at home. Maria was so nice to share her recipe, Cabeça da Cabra pancakes for breakfast tomorrow!

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Photos: Hello Frankie & Cabeça da Cabra