Brainy Days is a store, webshop and online magazine by Vera de Ruijter. Vera wants to bring brands and people together. Think, Collect and Create is the essence of Brainy Days. After years of blogging she started the challenge: her own store in the centre of Amsterdam. A store with a brand new concept, a theme store: every three months the store gets a new theme including new brands and people that fit the theme. The first theme of the store is ‘Let’s be adventurers’. Till the end of June you can find all kinds of treasures of upcoming lifestyle brands. The store is filled with beautiful products, you feel the atmosphere of adventure. It’s nice to see that adventure is even in small items such as a post card or a poem. In July Vera will start with a new theme, if you want to stay up to date visit Brainydays.

Hazenstraat 53, Amsterdam (NL)

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Photos: Hello Frankie