As a freelancer it’s not alway easy to find the perfect place to work. When I was invited by Anticafé to check out their concept in Paris, I immediately was enthusiastic. At Anticafé you only pay the time you spent, everything else is included. Drinks (coffee!), food, WiFi, board games, relax spaces and meeting rooms. I visited the Anticafé location République, the location is super central and the place feels like a super relaxed office. It was a busy afternoon but the atmosphere was calm and the staff super friendly. I met one of the team members, Sarah, a sweet girl that found here dream job at Anticafé. “I really like the Anticafé concept, we are a big and divers community”.  You feel immediately at home and many of the guest are willing to meet, create and share. Next to that I noticed that I wanted to work, when you see so many people working and discussing ideas you get inspired and just want to do the same. Let’s hope that Anticafé also will open their doors in Amsterdam soon, if you’re interested in opening your own Anticafé check the possibilities here.